“These are photos of my head”
-Chris Campbell

I am a Creative Director at Publicis Seattle with 12+ years of experience in Art Direction & Design under my belt.

I love puzzles of all kinds, and to me, advertising is one big-fun-messy-juicy-creative-public circus of a puzzle and trying to solve it gives me great satisfaction. Like a well popped pimple -- advertising is zits.

I found my way into agency life in a roundabout way. Despite graduating from the University of Washington with a business degree, I felt my true calling was something far more creative. My mother, brother, sister-in-law and two cousins were all graphic designers or in the ad industry, and I decided to follow suit and tricked someone into giving me an internship at Creature, a boutique agency in Seattle.

I soaked everything up like a sponge and grew there from a junior graphic designer all the way to Associate Creative Director over a 10-year span.

After Creature, I spread my wings and freelanced around Seattle and beyond. Working at 72 and Sunny, DNA, RG/A, Cole & Weber and more before landing full time at Publicis.

I continue to do work outside of the agency for Light in the Attic Records, Tanner Goods and Aquarium Drunkard to keep up my design chops.

Beyond advertising, I keep myself amused by DJing and collecting vinyl, I also love cooking with my beautiful wife and having our idiot friends over to eat that food.

I also have tattoo of a horse galloping on a tomato on my chest (among others).